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I can tell she is much happier that I went with a diamond and not something else and I think this would be the case for most women though I'm sure she would have been happy either way. In fact if you are not getting a diamond I would highly recommend you don't try and get something that looks like a diamond, get another gemstone if you go that route, because any other substitutes trying to be a diamond will never measure up or be the real thing and what message does that send.

They reflect light in a very unique way. Take a hand lense to a shop or ask for one at the shop and really spend some time looking at the diamonds for inclusions and color. You can get a good deal if you are patient and educate yourself about the market.

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It's not completely made up, or it wouldn't exist. Most diamonds pushed in mall stores even the big name chains are total scams and rely on uninformed consumers not knowing the difference between a good diamond and a bad one. I would highly recommend getting a certified diamond, and buying the diamond by itself and then having it set into a ring. You can find better deals online or through diamond suppliers than in any brick and mortar jewelry store.

It would take some major social upheaval to to ruin the diamond market and if you are really worried about that then you might be better off proposing with a rifle and a kilo of coke because those things will never lose their value. Most women don't want to replace or upgrade their engagemnet ring so think about what you want on your wife's finger in 10 years or 20 years or 30 years. When i bought my diamond I actually made money on the purchase it was appraised for much higher than I paid.

You just need to know what to look for and be patient. But to answer your main point, diamonds are not a complete waste of money.

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Maybe they're not worth it for you , but the hardness of diamonds is actually very useful in certain kinds of drills, for example. For diamonds in jewelry, yeah, they're only expensive as a status symbol, but Some of them do, anyway. The idea is that you wear the ring with the diamond or whatever and brag about how rich you are.

Some people care about that sort of thing. It's not a waste of money for them. Now, I think this is stupid. But I guess I'm not the target audience. The fake diamond gem you mentioned, the moisanitte, is also problematic. What's the point of that? Diamonds are worth a lot of money not because of how they look but because diamond companies have decided that they should be, so if you have a fake diamond, you're essentially lying, at least unless you explain what the stone is.

The diamond, as a status symbol, communicates something that isn't true here.

Regarding the status symbols, I get it. Hell, if I was stupidly rich this wouldn't even be a consideration although if I spent all my money on overly expensive diamonds I'd have a hard time ever being rich. The fact is that they only have value while we believe they have value. As soon as that belief falters they will plummet.

A lost ring and dumpster diving lead to ‘best present’

Regarding your second point though, it's a common misconception that a moissanite is a "fake diamond". It's actually a completely different gem that just looks almost identical. This is an important definition, because I do not plan to ever try to pass it off as a fake diamond. The reason I would get one is because it's still pretty and an engagement ring is still a bit of a staple. If I thought that another gem would look better in the engagement ring, I would buy that one.

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  6. You're right that from any objective standpoint, diamonds aren't really worth anything. In fact, between the ability to create artificial diamonds and the artificially shortage that diamond companies create, any logical observer would conclude that spending so much money on a diamond is absurd. Except, we aren't really logical creatures, and whether it's because of clever marketing or some other influence, the fact of the matter is we as a society place a lot of value on diamonds.

    So let me ask you a question: If you do decide to buy a moissanite ring, are you going to tell your girlfriend hopefully fiance! Is there any kind of worry on your part that if you do tell her, she'll react negatively, even if she understands? Things are worth what we believe they're worth.


    We put immense value on "real" jewelry made of pearls, silver, gold, and the like, even though it offers very little advantage to convincing fakes, because we like that it's genuine. Even if the value is ultimately artificial, there's an argument to be made that you can't put a price on that, even if it's not logical.

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    Rather, I tried to present it as attractively as possible. I placed it next to items of lesser optical value and gave it a rakish tilt so its metal surface would reflect the last rays of the setting evening sun. Sprechen Sie Trash? Diamonds in the Rubbish A few times a year, Germans put unwanted stuff on the sidewalk for pickup.

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